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To become a guiding force in promoting the spirit of safe adventure and support a culture of excellence in responsible conduct of adventure activities on land, water and in air with least impact on environment.


Maharashtra is blessed with two major mountain ranges, the Sahyadri and Satpuda, in addition to a long coastline. In early 50s Adventure activities began with trekking. Today, an increasing number of people are venturing into outdoor adventure activities in western ranges, water bodies and skies as well as in Himalaya.  Almost throughout the year adventure activities are conducted by hundreds of organisations catering to thousands of participants across age groups. However, by definition, adventure is an activity which has inherent risk, resulting in an uncertain outcome.

Thus, it is important that adventure activities are conducted with safety by managing risk while retaining the undeniable benefits of participation. Here, safety specifically includes People, Environment and Equipment.

An Appeal

MAC invites support and representation from all over the state by way of Membership.  Individuals, voluntary and Commercial Organizations operating in Land-based, Water and Air based adventure activities are welcome for its membership. MAC invites support in the form of membership, resources and active participation. Those who are Interested in membership are requested to contact MAC volunteers for clarifications and additional information.

About MAC

Maha Adventure Council (MAC) is a section 8 organization registered with ROC which is formed by individuals trained in various aspects of adventure and adventure related fields, and with years of experience in diverse areas of adventure related work. These individuals have come with skills that are from diverse fields like land-water-air based adventure, running organisations in directorial capacity, management consultancy and running voluntary organisations in the field of adventure.

The primary goal of MAC is to promote the spirit of adventure and exploration, enhance the enjoyment while fostering safety in adventure operations. It will contribute to the culture of safety in outdoors by developing safety guidelines, establishing Standards, enabling organizers operate safely, provide training, information, fostering support of and collaboration with various stake holders and government agencies and enhancing awareness of the general public at large. MAC is formed for protecting the interests of the adventure fraternity in Maharashtra.

  • A club or an adventure tour operator

  • A regulatory body

  • A legal firm to fight cases for its members in case of any mishap (It is possible that MAC would intervene by investigating incident and state facts to the Government authorities)

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